Gazpacho andaluz Solfrio

Natural energy

Andalusian gazpacho is a natural refreshing drink that cannot be missing on your table. Solfrío has a high percentage of liquids, mineral salts, vitamins and vegetal fiber. Take it cold, drinking or eating with a spoon, alone or accompanied.

Highly recommended because of its natural and energy isotonic properties for athletes when making an extreme body effort.

Solfrío is made with the most traditional recipe with top quality natural products. Tomato, water, extra virgin olive oil, cucumber, bread, pepper, Sherry vinegar, salt and garlic.

Ideal for athletes:

Solfrío is an excellent natural nutritional intake, particularly recommended to athletes.

Our Solfrío gazpacho is special because it contains top quality compounds and it is made following the traditional recipe. Consumers confirm this again and again. Please, send us your comments.

Hydration with Solfrío gazpacho

There is nothing better than Solfrío Andalusian gazpacho to hydrate and recover mineral salts and carbohydrates after physical effort. It provides our body with a high nutritional value and a large amount of antioxidant agents which are beneficial for our health.

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