Solfrío creamed vegetables

Solfrío offers you its creamy side

Without preservatives or thickeners, with top-quality fresh vegetables. Our Solfrío creams stand out for their flavour and creaminess. Following the traditional recipe, our creams are prepared with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

We offer a select variety of creams to have at home or in the office. Have at least one cream every day and you will notice the nutritional value of vegetables.

Solfrío creamed vegetables

Take care of yourself and find your creamy time

You can choose between Creamed vegetables, Creamed Pumpkin, Creamed Courgette, Creamed Tomato, Creamed Leek and Creamed Pulses. Six delicious recipes providing the portion of vitamins, fibre and minerals your body needs.

In addition, our creams help you be healthy because they are low in calories. Do not miss their traditional flavour and enjoy!

Creamed Pumpkin

With fresh vegetables, potatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients of Solfrío creamed pumpkin

Health benefits

Pumpkin is rich in Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin. Its orange colour helps keep the skin free of wrinkles. Consumption of pumpkin improves mood, sleep and optical quality of sight.

Creamed Vegetables

With fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and cream cheese.

Ingredients of Solfrío creamed vegetables

Health benefits

Vegetables are antioxidant and help cleanse the body. Low in calories. Strengthen the defences. Delay ageing and improve the functioning of the nervous system and our bones.

Creamed Leek

With fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, potato and butter.

Ingredients of Solfrío creamed leek

Health benefits

Leek improves the hair and sight. Diuretic and reduces cholesterol. Our Solfrío Creamed Leek provides vitamin C and folates that help strengthen the immune system. Your body will thank you for having this cream, the best source of fibre and calcium.

Creamed Tomato

With fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, celery and cheese.

Ingredients of Solfrío creamed tomato

Health benefits

Tomato is the king in antioxidants. Excellent for the sight, intestinal health and low blood pressure. Having our Solfrío Creamed Tomato everyday provides your body with a rich source of minerals and vitamins A, C, K and lycopene, an antioxidant that sweeps aside the free radicals.

Creamed Courgette

With fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, pepper and cheese.

Ingredients of Solfrío creamed courgette

Health benefits

Courgette contains trace elements, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The ideal product to protect our cardiovascular system. Rich in vitamin C, B3 and provitamin A. Our Solfrío creamed courgette is very tasty and healthy because it is made from fresh vegetables to maintain all its properties.

Creamed Pulses

With fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, lentils, chickpeas, celery and tomato.

Ingredients of Solfrío pulses courgette

Health benefits

Pulses are rich in fibres, antioxidants and proteins. Contain calcium, iron and magnesium. Vitamins of the B-group are also present in our Solfrío Creamed Pulses that will help you withstand cold.

Our creams also in BIO (organic)

Bio (organic) creamed vegetables

We stand for organic agriculture

Our Solfrío BIO creams are made from ecological vegetables. Consequently, our creams are healthier and environmentally friendly. Cooked in the traditional way with the real taste of each ingredient.

Ecological agriculture

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